Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore

I got an email from Sen. Mark Kirk yesterday that made me really angry.  I'm still mad.  It was all about taxes, rabble-rousing about the date working people can start earning money for themselves - calling it "tax freedom day," when they don't have to pay for government expenses, but can buy the things they want.

The email failed to mention all the government expenditures for the public good that everyone of us depends on to lead a quality life.

I'm thankful for our forefathers and the government they created which provides streets for me to drive to work, and safety standards for the car I drive, and for the other cars on the road, so they're less likely to hurt people.

Thank you, U.S. government, for clean air and water regulations and health and safety standards for the food we buy at the grocery store.

We have a huge government debt because of the foolish Bush tax cuts for the top 1% of the wealthy population and the stupid and unnecessary Iraq war.  But we still have to pay lifetime healthcare for the men and women wounded in the war, and we have to find a way for people unskilled in technology to make a living.  We have to support education and some way for everyone to have a decent life in the face of social and industrial changes that have eliminated many traditional jobs.

None of us should mind paying taxes for the privilege of living in an effective country.  It's not patriotic to deprive our common good, which requires government.  Sen. Mark Kirk should be ashamed for trashing the support of the organization he put so much effort into campaigning to work for.