Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 random facts about Vince

1. I lost the first 25 things I wrote about and am trying again.
2. Marg had to show me how to do it. Then I somehow lost the list after I tagged 25 people ( the limit).
3. We just returned from a fund raiser for Devin Hansen of Rock Island who is running for the 7th Ward seat in the April elections ( goodbye Mark!).
4. Devin was an intern at Project NOW; he helped with some technical work that I cannot recall. Anyway, we met again after several years when he opened the mini movie theater,. Unfortunately, he decided to expand at abandoned downtown cinema house and promptly lost it for insufficient business and high overheads.
5. Marg and I gave him some ideas on how to reach more people in his campaign.
Devin is writing a biography of Lane Evans and hopes to have it published soon.
6. I need to start working on my campaign for a seat on the Board of the Rock Island Township.
7. I was told I need at least 500 votes to win a seat. Over the years only about 900 people vote in the primaries. which will be Feb. 24.
8. I told my class today ( intro to sociology) that for the past few weeks there has been so much excitement about the Super Bowl, that Iraq and Afghanistan faded from our memories..
9. Now both countries are back in the news.But the news is not good.
10. The hype about Iran is increasing. Will our troops be shifted from our longest war to "deal" with the Iranian "threat?"
11. We are told to worry about "their" missiles. I wonder if "they" worry about our missiles?
12. I am looking forward to going to LA ( 80 degrees in the day!) fpr Rachel; and Tom's wedding.
13. I am looking forward to being with relatives and friends for a few days.
14. When we come back we will have to concentrate on getting people to the Charlie King fund raiser for Centro Maya in Guatemala. Charlie will perform Feb. 27 at the Unitarian Church in Davenport.
15. We need to sell $1,150 worth of tickets to break even. I hope our friends and others buy or donate generously..
16. I like to check out to keep up with the news from a different viewpoint.
17. I also like There are so many hip bloggers that Arianna encourages.
18. For still another viewpoint I check out Some people think it is too copntroversial.
19. And just to make sure I am not missing anything else, I check out It is as imnpartial as
20. There are two Pakistani columnists: Irfan Husain and Mihir Ali who write for Dawn is the major English newspaper in Pakistan. Irfan travels the world and so has a broad perspective. Mihir Ali has moved to Australia ( where he is safer) and also is a good commentator. 
21. Its worth checking out once in a while. The viewpoint would surprise Chris Matthews of CNN.
22. I prefer MSNBC to CNN. I like Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann (sp), Democracy NOW. Grit TV, and FreeSpeechTV (9415 on Dish).
23. On my MP3 our son, Saul (Terry) has programmed me for Against the Grain, Free Speech Radio, Internationalist .
24. I like The Inside Dope and David Barret's blogs.
25. There are too many books by my bedside. So I have started skimming them. The current one is Naiomi Klien's The Shock Doctrine. Scary stuff, what happened in Chile, Poland and China ( to name a few) may soon happen here. New Orleans is an example. It ain't over yet!

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